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I guess I can keep giving this thing a try... [May. 1st, 2006|04:08 pm]
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |lifetime- what she said]

My last post was talking about starting school and here I am with a little over a month left.

Things went well, I suppose, kind of lazy about doing my work...and with the workload that I have there is no reason for me to be that way at all.

Anyway awesome things that have happened to me this year...

I have a radio show with my friend sasha, it's with Drexel's noncommercial radio station WKDU 91.7
Anyone ever interested in listening, WKDU.org gives you a live stream from anywhere

My show right now is 12midnight-3am on wednesday mornings, for you people that like to stay up late and enjoy an awesome punk/indie show.

I was also in a music video, yup...the band is called The Loved Ones and the song is called Jane...in the video I played Jane. :) Check it out...



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Back at school [Jan. 9th, 2006|09:32 pm]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |grey area]

I have mixed feelings about being back at school, I like living here to an extent so I am out of my dads house but leaving my comfy room, and most importantly leaving my comfy big bed, leaves me saddened.

My classes this term should be easy and I am excited for that...
Mass Media and Society
Social Problems (Sociology)
Bio 104
English 102
Psychology 101

I have my own room this term, as far as I'm concerned...it's not necessarily a good thing. My roommate, Lynn, is pretty sick with a few different things. As far as I know she is doing better and was sent home from the hospital (where she was for 2 weeks and over christmas, big bummer.)

On Saturday my boyfriend and I had OFFICIALLY been together for a year, a long time, and I couldn't be happier. I never thought two people could mesh so well, we are so similar in so many ways. I officially do not believe in the saying "opposites attract" when it comes to relationships. Friendships is a whole different story, though.

So, when I dye my hair, I take pictures...so here is one I took today. Stupid mirror picture, don't make fun!I'll LJ Cut it because its semi big...Collapse )
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The coffin: "This is the card feared by almost everyone." [Dec. 21st, 2005|12:44 am]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |thelovedones-massive]

I found a deck of tarot cards and a book to go along with it. I wasn't tired, it was 1 o clock in the morning and I sat down on my bed and read my "fortune" for 3 hours. Every combination between card meant things such as, an important person in my life, a love interest and I have a destiny for love. Yet, a thing that kept coming up was dishonesty. Once it said, someone is not being completely honest with you and it is a loved one. The second time it was the combination of the fox and the ring which meant, a loved one is not being entirely honest. My card meanings and combinations were repetitive, which I thought was interesting. Coincidences or not, but I wish the book would go into more meaning with each card, but I guess every card isn't compatible.

The cards, taken by me.
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003. HAHAHAHA [Dec. 14th, 2005|07:09 pm]

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002. !! [Dec. 14th, 2005|12:37 pm]
[music |Kid Dynamite-Heart a tact]

I am officially done my fall term as of an hour ago. Finished my one and only final (I am spoiled) and it was hard as hell. Fuck being required to learn history! I find it so much more interesting when it isn't forced on me.

Later on today I am taking my "radio station test" to get a radio show at Drexels radio station. If any of you want to check it out, www.wkdu.org has a live stream. Ah wish me luck!

I finally go home tomorrow to have a much needed 3 week break, really looking forward to my big bed and my own room. :)
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001. Its been a while! [Dec. 13th, 2005|07:11 pm]
Where to start? It's been a while since I've actually had one of these things. (If you guys aren't sure who this is, I used to be _objectifyxyou and this used to be my photojournal)

Last time I was posting I was in highschool, now I go to Drexel University in Philadelphia and live here. I am a Criminal Justice major...for now!

Uhhh, I have a boyfriend of a year, his name is Erich

I'll post more later, how is everyone?
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